Date: 07/8/20

Stay Secure, Save Time and Save the Planet with eStatements

Ready for an easier way to view your bank statement that’s also better for the environment? When you sign up for eStatements, not only do you receive a virtual copy of your statement directly in your account, you also cut down on paper waste. Below are reasons you should consider enrolling in eStatements today!

Click here to learn how to enroll in eStatements now! 

Reduce Mailbox Clutter
Eliminating envelopes and paper statements every month will lighten the load when you sort through your mail. Going electronic also means you’ll never toss a statement in the junk pile by mistake.

Faster Delivery
Because eStatements don’t require time to print and prepare for mailing and spend time traveling in mail, you will generally be able to see your statements several days earlier than those sent via the postal service.

Email Notices When Your Statement is Ready
Once your statement is available online, you’ll receive a message letting you know. You will also be able to see any important statement inserts.

Easy Online Access and Retrieval
Manage your statements the way you want. You can view them online, save them to your computer, or print and file them. And you can access your statements at home, or on the go.

Enhanced Security 
By viewing your statements online, you eliminate the chance that someone will steal your statement out of the mail or trash. A high amount of fraudulent activity still occurs from criminals stealing mail.

Automatic Storage
It’s quick and easy to find exactly what you want to examine in your accounts. Just select the monthly statement you want to review. If you need to look ahead or go further back, you’re just a few click away.

Save the Planet
By choosing to go paperless, you are saving trees, reducing chemical usage, and lowering your carbon footprint associated with paper manufacturing, printing, and transportation. You can join in the effort to protect the environment by signing up for eStatements.

Make the Switch! Sign up for eStatements today.
eStatements are simple and secure. They provide more protection than paper statements, reduce paper clutter, and keep you consistently informed. They also help save the planet by reducing paper waste!

Save time, save the planet, and keep your financial information more secure by signing up for eStatements with Investors Community Bank. Enrollment instructions are below. Once enrolled, you will be sent an email each time your statement is ready. Simply log in to view past and current statements! 

How to Enroll in eStatements:
1. Log on to Online Banking 

Online Banking Log In

2. Click on the "Profile" button in the upper-right corner of the page

Online Banking Profile

3. Scroll down to "Electronic Statements" and click "Edit" 

Online Banking EStatements EDIT

4. Change your delivery method to eStatements for each account you wish to receive an eStatement for

Online Banking Last one

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