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Investors Community Bank was founded by entrepreneurial bankers and local business leaders who believed that a customer-focused and innovative approach to banking could be highly valuable to Wisconsin’s independently-owned businesses and farms. The business experiences and relevant insights of our seasoned team make us uniquely capable of helping solve a wide range of complex business challenges and providing solution-oriented guidance to help your business thrive. Click a topic below to explore our Business Banking Services.

Our Treasury Management team has the expertise and services to optimize your day-to-day cash flow needs. Through customized solutions focused on what’s important to you, we help you efficiently manage, protect and distribute your funds, both with recommended changes to processes and with appropriate treasury management tools.

One of the ways businesses can help manage cash flow is through deposit accounts. The most appropriate type of deposit account may be a business checking account (considered a “transactional” account) because these allow the free flow of funds in and out. Others include savings accounts and time deposit accounts, both with their own distinct purpose and benefits.

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In a recent report published by Small Business Trends, 55% of respondents said they'd experienced a cyber attack within the preceding 12-month period. The cost to a business can be significant; disruption to normal operations due to cyber attacks and data breaches cost businesses an average of $955,429 per incident.

Cybercriminals often target small businesses, assuming that they don’t have the resources to have sophisticated data protection systems in place. While this is too often the case, there are steps any business can take to mitigate their risks related to viruses, ransomware, check fraud, ACH fraud, and wire fraud. It’s our job to stay in front of developments related to cybercrime and be advocates for our customers to take the necessary steps to be well protected.

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It’s not enough for a banker to have a general understanding of business operations, you should expect more. Your organization has its own unique processes, labor needs, distribution channels, vertical markets, order-to-cash cycles, supply chains and more, and you need to be able to rely on insights of knowledgeable, experienced bankers as they encounter challenges and seek to act on opportunities.

Our bankers are strategic problem solvers who can evaluate complex situations, ask the right (and sometimes tough) questions, and help identify the most practical steps forward to ensure the long-term success of your Wisconsin-based business.

Customer Testimonials

Read what some of our customers have to say about the value we bring to our partnerships.


“The best thing about Investors Community Bank is how vested they are in knowing our business deeply. That translates to them being able to offer really valuable financial and business advice because they understand completely what we’re trying to accomplish with their help and support. We wouldn’t be where we are without their help.”


“ICB was my first business bank, and we’ve stayed with them more because of philosophical alignment than the services they offer. They showed us early in the relationship how much they cared about what we were trying to accomplish, and kept coming at us with advice and ideas. Tim and his bankers have been like a board of directors for us. I couldn’t ask for more support!”


“They were willing to take a chance with us as we grew, and a big part was that they got to know us and our goals way beyond just working the numbers. Since then, they’ve even helped us identify new opportunities that fit us strategically. And in every deal we’ve done, they’ve been extremely responsive, able to make quick decisions and move as fast as we needed to. Today, I refer my friends to ICB. I know they’ll be taken care of.”

Nonprofit Financial Solutions

Running a nonprofit has enough challenges.

Worrying about your bank shouldn't be one of them.

Fuel your aspirations. Let our experienced business bankers help prepare your business for facilities additions, equipment purchases, staff additions, mergers or acquisitions, and dozens of other needs. Getting a business loan often requires the assistance of an expert who can help identify the right financing options for commitments that will be manageable for your business today and in the future.

Free Resource: Business Loan Application Checklist

Are you looking to secure financing for your small or medium-sized business transaction? This handy overview outlines the documentation you’ll need to provide, and the information you’ll be asked to share in order to determine your eligibility for specific loan types  simply fill out the form!


SBA Loans

The Small Business Administration (SBA), a federal agency, offers small business owners a range of financing options beyond conventional loans. Because a portion of these loans is guaranteed by the SBA, lenders are often able to offer flexible terms and low interest rates. There are a number of different SBA loan programs, including 504, 7(a) Guarantee, Cap Lines and Express, each appropriate for specific situations.


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