Author: Lindsay Meyer
    Date: 03/13/2019

    6 Tips to Amp Up Fraud Protection for Small Business

    If you run a small business or a nonprofit, you’ve poured your heart and soul into making it succeed. It may have taken years for you to start turning a profit, but now you’re in a place where your business is...

    Topics: Risk/Fraud , General Business

    Author: Sandy Retzki
    Date: 02/27/2019

    Managing Small Business Working Capital: Guidelines & Solutions

    Every small business owner, regardless of industry and employee count, needs to understand their company’s working capital cycle, or the amount of time it takes from producing a product or service to receiving...

    Topics: Cash Management

    Author: Mark Sterr
    Date: 02/13/2019

    What Makes a Good Banking Relationship?

    It’s almost Valentine’s Day, the time of year when we celebrate the relationships we have with the people in our lives. While we’re probably not at the top of your Valentine’s Day gift-giving list, did you ever stop...

    Topics: Financing , Business Growth , General Business

    Benefits of Community Business Bank

    Author: Bill Hodgkiss
    Date: 02/06/2019

    ICB Economic Update - Winter 2019

    As a business bank, we know how important it is to keep current on economic conditions in your region and the state, but sometimes only national data is readily available. That’s why we bring you the ICB Economic...

    Topics: General Business

    Author: Brian Ruh
    Date: 01/30/2019

    Is Your Business Ready for What's Next?

    As a business owner or decision-maker, what keeps you up at night? Is it business growth? Cash flow management? Recruitment and retention of key employees? The sale or transfer of your business? 

    Topics: Business Growth , Business Acquisition , General Business

    Is it Time for Your Business to Consider an Interest Rate Swap?

    Written by Tom Detienne and Will Deppiesse 

    Today’s fluctuating interest rate environment is leading many business owners to consider longer term fixed rates.  One way to obtain a long term fixed rate is via an...

    Topics: Financing , General Business

    Top 5 ICB Business Blog Articles of 2018

    As we begin 2019, we’d like to thank all of our subscribers for following the ICB Business Blog! If you like the content we share, please don’t hesitate to recommend our blog to a friend, or share on your social...

    Topics: Financing , Business Growth , Cash Management , Business Acquisition , General Business , Government Loan Programs/Financing Options

    Author: Greg Linnemanstons
    Date: 12/19/2018

    5 Tips for Better Manufacturing Recruiting

    Whatever industry you’re in, it’s a seller’s market for talent. The latest statistics from the US Dept of Labor show unemployment holding steady at 3.7%, the lowest it’s been since 1967. It’s hard to remember that...

    Topics: Business Growth , General Business

    Benefits of Community Business Bank