Author: Bill Hodgkiss Date: 08/15/2018

ICB Launches Economic Update Newsletter

As a business bank, we know how important it is to keep current on economic conditions in your region and the state, but sometimes only national data is readily available. That’s why we’ve recently launched the ICB Economic Update newsletter. This quarterly newsletter will give you the latest information on employment growth, unemployment, job openings volume, housing starts and more. We hope this publication helps you get a clearer picture of what’s happening both at the state level, and in your own backyard.

Newsletter Highlights

Below are some of the most important highlights from the current edition of the ICB Economic Update Newsletter:

  • Both the Central and Northeast Wisconsin economies continued their stable growth trends in the second quarter of 2018, with several key indicators pointing toward another prosperous year. The theme of this quarter's indicators remains competition. 
  • Employment growth continues at a robust 1.2 percent annualized growth (Northeast) and 1.1 percent annualized grown (Central), with unemployment near historic lows. Employers in Northeast Wisconsin are currently seeking candidates for more than 17,000 active openings in a highly competitive marketplace. In Central Wisconsin, there are more than 1,200 active job openings.
  • Several economists have pointed to global uncertainties and the slowing of growth in Asian markets as potential headwinds in the coming months. The domestic outlook remains bullish, with unemployment and inflation expected to remain near current levels into 2019. This is again balanced by concerns regarding talent availability and market access. This creates a mix of challenges and opportunities that can again be defined as competitive.

Want to know more about the conditions that affect your business – today and tomorrow? Click below to view the newsletter specific to your region. A link to the latest and archived issues can also be found on the ICB Business Blog home page by clicking on “Economic Update Newsletter.”

View Central Wisconsin Newsletter
View Northeast Wisconsin Newsletter

The ICB Economic Update newsletter is designed to provide valuable and timely information to help our customers grow their businesses. To learn more about what we can do to impact your growth and profitability, read our Top 4 Benefits of Working with a Community-Based Business Bank tip sheet.

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Written by Bill Hodgkiss

Bill is Senior Vice President - Business Banking at Investors Community Bank. He joined ICB in 2016 when they merged with The Business Bank, where Bill served as President and CEO. Bill has almost 30 years of sales and banking experience. He holds a Bachelor’s of Business Administration from St. Norbert College.


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