Author: Robert Seal Date: 09/12/2018

Are You Taking Full Advantage of Your Community Bank’s Local Connections?

One benefit of partnering with a community bank that’s often overlooked is the networking opportunities it provides. You probably know we can save you time with the ability to make decisions locally (rather than having to send them to a “home office” that may be states away for final approval); that we can get creative and be flexible when it comes to developing solutions and ideas for your business; and that we offer a wide variety of products and services that can help you manage and grow your company. But did you ever think about the potential opportunities our network of local clients and contacts can provide?

I enjoy working for a community bank because I’m able to connect local business owners – something that has resulted in many long-term, mutually beneficial relationships. One reason we’re able to initiate and foster these connections is because we work with a variety of business types, and we become deeply familiar with the capabilities and needs of each, along with the directions in which they want to grow. Large banks often focus on specialty niches, but community banks understand a wide range of business types, and our experiences with them can be leveraged to help solve the challenges faced by those in other industries.

Because we’re connected to a variety of local professional services organizations, we can discuss local insurance agents, attorneys, CPAs and more – all of which are necessary for the efficient and profitable operation of your business.

Community events and associations are another way we learn about and identify synergies among local companies. Our business bankers are involved in many organizations focused on the business vitality of the region, such as the Northeast Wisconsin Manufacturing Alliance (NEWMA), local economic development corporations, local and regional chambers of commerce, and the NEW North. Participation in these organizations provides a way to connect business owners who need certain services with local professionals who offer them. We regularly talk to these groups to learn more about local market conditions, needs, opportunities, issues and more, and share that information with our customers. Recently, I surprised a customer by informing her that a service her company was outsourcing to a manufacturer outside the region is available right here in the community. Today, they’re working together and both realizing benefits such as cost savings and efficiencies from a local partnership.

If you’re looking for a bank that helps you achieve business success and growth in multiple areas, consider a community bank. We’re not just deeply involved in the business concerns of the area; we’re part of the community and have a significant stake in the success of our region.

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Written by Robert Seal

Robert Seal is a Business Banking Officer and has been serving lending customers at Investors Community Bank since 2008. His previous experience in a multitude of industries gives Robert first-hand insight into the challenges many business owners face. He enjoys being a part of people’s success stories and strives to provide individual solutions; not a one-size-fits-all approach. As a strong community advocate, he also enjoys volunteering with several business and professional groups.


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