Author: Lindsay Meyer
    Date: 01/29/2020

    Will a Sweep Service Benefit Your Business?

    Most business owners — especially those with high deposit balances — would prefer their money work for them to reduce interest expense or improve earning interest. If your business uses a line of credit, reducing the...

    Topics: Cash Management , General Business

    8 of Our Favorite Business Podcasts

    In a recent LinkedIn post, the great motivational speaker and New York Times best-selling author Tony Robbins said, “You have the ability to architect your life’s experience by setting goals for yourself and taking...

    Topics: General Business

    Is Your Data Secure? Try our ICB Fraud Risk Assessment Tool

    Did you know that 60% of small companies go out of business within six months of a cyberattack? (U.S. National Cyber Security Alliance) Or that the average small business spends $690,000 recovering from an attack?...

    Topics: Risk/Fraud , Cash Management , General Business , Nonprofit

    Benefits of Community Business Bank

    Top 5 ICB Business Blog Articles of 2019

    The year-end typically brings a lot of countdowns…top songs of the year, top news stories of the year, top movies of the year, and of course, the countdown to midnight on New Years Eve. We’ve put together a countdown...

    Topics: Financing , Business Growth , Cash Management , Business Acquisition , General Business , Government Loan Programs/Financing Options

    Author: Jeff Jagodinsky
    Date: 12/11/2019

    The Basics of Personal Guarantees in Business Loans

    When pursuing a small business loan, chances are your lender will ask you to provide a personal guarantee. But, if you’re a new business owner, you may have questions about the purpose of personal guarantees and how...

    Topics: Financing , Business Growth

    Author: Tiffany Binish
    Date: 12/04/2019

    Steps to Avoid Account Fraud

    Discovering that their bank account has been compromised is an unfortunate reality faced by small business owners every day. Hackers and fraudsters today have become fearless in their attempts to access account...

    Topics: Risk/Fraud , General Business , Nonprofit

    Author: Jeff Ebel
    Date: 11/20/2019

    Should I Become an Angel Investor?

    Investopedia defines an angel investor as “a high net worth individual who provides financial backing for small startups or entrepreneurs, typically in exchange for ownership equity in the company. Often, angel...

    Topics: Financing , Business Growth , General Business

    Author: Bill Hodgkiss
    Date: 11/06/2019

    ICB Economic Update - Fall 2019

    As a business bank, we know how important it is to keep current on economic conditions in your region and the state, but sometimes only national data is readily available. That’s why we bring you the ICB Economic...

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    Benefits of Community Business Bank